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Gunny Pagnotta - Realtor® with a Heart

A Professional Real Estate Veteran

A Colorado native, Gunnison "Gunny" Pagnotta has also lived in Idaho and New Mexico. He and his beautiful wife, Heather (Opthalmic Technician) have five cherished children: daughter, Shyanne (27), a 5th Grade Teacher in Pueblo; son, Corban (25) United States Coast Guard veteran and in Fire Science training in Lakewood; son, Weston (14) 9th Grade; son, Landon (12) 7th Grade; and daughter, Allie (10) 5th Grade.

He grew up working on ranches throughout South-Central Colorado, affording him in-depth knowledge of farm and ranch including extensive experience working cattle, haying, farming, irrigating, fencing, and much more.

In addition, Gunny`s high energy enthusiasm, sincere interest in listening carefully to needs and wants, and passion for the outdoors allow him to perfectly match prospective buyers with that perfect piece of the Colorado outdoors. He works tirelessly on behalf of buyers or sellers to assist them in their real estate "ad"ventures.

Contact Gunny today to experience real estate with a personal touch where what you want most... matters most.

Gunny Pagnotta, Realtor®